Lord Nrusimha of Karur Devar Malai

The temple was first maintained by Naiker dynasty ( CE1521), and latter by Pandiya dynasty, the fact understood by sculptures and Architecture depicted in it. The names of Ruler Krishnadeva raya,Kariappa naicker,Sakkama Naiker does deserve mention in renovation and maintenance of temple from time to time over the period of 700 years from now.

To reach this place please travel from Karur town to place known as Palayam via Gujiliyamparai, in the Karur - Dindigal route , it is approximately 30 Kms from Karur town and then travel 5 more Kms towards the east, lo behold your breathe you reach the Sri Kshetram known as Devar Malai. You will find our adbutha Kesari Lord Narasimha.

True to its name it is Devarmalai.

Supreme creation by the almighty Lord Sriman Narayana in the entire universe is in the presence of mankind only .In order to bestow salvation to mankind which is already periled by the worldly materialistic pleasures. When Adharma lifts its head our Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana takes an Avathara and comes to Bhooloka to destroy the Evil and restore the Dharma in the Bhooloka , whenever our Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana comes in to this Bhooloka we call it Avathara. We know about the great epic of Srimad Ramayana and Mahabharata and we also know Lord Narayana took the Avathara of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. But among the avathara most greatest Avathara is of Lord Narasimha. Here Lord Nrusimha had to Honour the word of his Bhaktha Prahalada and it is also most toughest avathara. The Asura Hrinyakashipu thought he is very clever he asked the boon that He should not have death either by Man or Beast, neither Inside or outside the house, neither Day or night, neither by weapon, etc. But Hrinyakashipu forgot that our Supreme Lord Narayana is still clever and he is savior of his Bhakthas and his children. Infact Nrusimha Avathara was most difficult avathara. Lord was on his toes. He had to honour the word of Prahalada and Lord was ever ready to take the avathara. Infact when Hrinyakashipu pointed a pillar and asked Prahalada whether his Hari ( Lord Narayana ) was present in pillar without even thinking for a second he immediately told his Hari is omnipresent and definitely present in Pillar. Such was the confidence of Prahalada on Lord Sriman Narayana ( See the total surrender { Saranagathi} of Prahalada to Sriman Narayana , We all should also surrender totally to Lord and earn his grace). Lord Immediately took a form of Narasimha ( Face of Lion the King of animals and body of Man the supreme creation of Lord with six senses, then he caught hold of Hrinyakashipu and took him to the Front door of the palace and sat on the door frame of the Palace, it was Sandhya kala (Twilight) and started tearing his Stomach and killed him. Hari kept his word. Lord is incomparable ,But you can compare him to a compassionate mother who reacts so spontaneously reacts with instantaneous reflex when her beloved child is about to fall by an accidental slip. The sudden exhibit of Lord "Nrusimha" from a pillar saving Bhaktha Prahalada and destruction of Hrinyakashipu does reveal to Mankind that GOD is anywhere and everywhere.

It is documented by Alwars that this sacred incident took place in a Place Known as "Singavel Kundram" ( Present day Ahobilam) , There are lot of shrines of dedicated to Lord Narasimha in the form of Lakshmi Nrusimha, Yoga Nrusimha, Ugra Nrusimha.

Once Such Shrine is dedicated to Ugra Nrusimha also known as Kadir Nrusimha at Devarmalai, The Location is about 35 Kms from Karur. It is inferred it is more than 2500 years old, It is said that The anger of Lord did not subsidise even after the destruction of Hiranyan, so in Devarmalai Lord was pacified with the Thirumanjanam performed by Devas and Maharishi's from the holy water of Moksha Theertham created by them , it is in still there in Devarmalai.

Formerly known as Devar Mari which means Lord was intercepted by Devas and Maharishi's and worshipped here.