Sri Adi Shankaracharya LakshmiNarsimha Peetam

Sri Adi Sankararchaya Sharada Lakshmi Narasimha Peetam
Sree Math, Hariharapura - 577 120
Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur District,Karnataka State, India

Sri Adi Shankaracharya LakshmiNarsimha Peetam - History And Lineage
This Peetam at Sree Math, Hariharapura is very ancient. This holy place, Hariharapura is in Chikmagalur Dist., Karnataka State, India and is situated on the NH 13 between Koppa and Sringeri, on the banks of river Thunga, has three important divine specialties and this place had been a Yaga Bhoomi, Tapo Bhoomi and Jnana Bhoomi.

YAGA BHOOMI: (why it is considered sacred, auspicious and effective to perform Homas and Yagas here?)

As per Puranas, the legend is that Dakshabrahma desired to perform a Maha Yajna on the banks of the river Thunga. He invited all Devathas except his son-in-law, Parashiva, whom he did not like in the first place. Sati Devi, daughter of Daksha Brahma and consort of Parashiva came to witness the Yajna and was insulted by her father in front of the entire assembled gathering. Unable to bear the insult on Parashiva, she jumped into the yajna kunda and died. Angered by the loss of Sati Devi, Parashiva ordered Veerabadra to destroy the sacrificial altar. Veerabadra and his retinue destroyed the sacrificial altar after chopping off Daksha's head. Then pacified by the entreaties of Sages and other holy men, Lord Parashiva appeared from the Yajnakunda in the form of "Dakshahara Someshwara" and blessed everyone. Parashiva blessed Daksha and an available head of a goat was fixed to him and the Daksha Yajna was performed with Blessings of Parashiva. As a proof of this holy incident, even today, we find an ancient temple dedicated to Swayambhu Dakshahara Someshwara at Hariharapura.

On account of this, Hariharapura is considered for a long time as a holy, auspicious and sacred place to perform Yajna, Yagas Homa and Havanas.

TAPO BHOOMI (Agastyashrama) As per Puranas, once Sage Vashista was cursed to take another body. Lord Brahma’s order was carried out and through Mitra and Varuna, two Maharshis were born. First came Maharshi Agastya. Then came Vashista, who knew the secrets of the Vedas. Agastya did not need to learn the Vedas and other subjects through someone. He knew everything at birth. He was an expert in the use of weapons. He became very famous. Sage Agnivesha was the disciple of Agastya. Agnivesha was the preceptor of Dronacharya. Agastya traveled throughout the length and breadth of Bharatha boomi. Then on the request of Devas and Maharshis to stop the growth of Vindhya hill, he came to the south and settled down in the southern part in the Western Ghats.Sage Agastya had his Ashrama set here and did his penance. He was worshipping the idol of Lord Lakshminarasimha Swamy which later came to his Parashisya (shisya’s shisya) Sage Govinda Yogi.From him this idol came to one young boy, Krishna, who worshipping Lord Lakshminarasimha continued his severe penance here.


At this time, Bhagavadpada Sri Adi Sankaracharya, reincarnation of Lord Shiva, arrived here with Mother Sharada following. He met young Krishna and hearing all information, initiated Upadesha to Sri Krishna and moved by the diving vibrations of this place, chose to draw and install Sri Chakra and consecrated Mother Sharadamba, leaving Krishna to continue his Tapas. Some time later, the principal disciple of Sri Adi Sankara, Sri Sri Sureshwaracharya upon his visit to this place, was much pleased with the own efforts and tapas of Sri Krishna. He initiated Sri Krishna to Sanyas with the title of ‘SWAYAMPRAKASHA SARASWATHI”. And the SRI ADISHANKARACHARYA SHARADA LAKMINARASIMHA PEETAM

According to 14th Century ‘shashanas’ (stone inscriptions) this places was ruled by Harihara Maharaya, the IInd Emperor of Vijayanagara empire, who had recognized this mutt and had also conferred titles to the then Swamiji and gifted lands to the mutt. This place was then called "Kapalam" prior to naming of this place as Hariharapura. (Puranic name of the place was DAKASHRAMA, later historical name became Kapalam, the name indicating that it is a “Shiva Kshetra”). This mutt is one of the Ancient mutts propagating Advaitha Philosophy. It has more than 1000 years history behind it.

In the Gazetter complied during the beginning of 19th century by Mr.Luis Rice and later in the year 1928 by Sri C.Hayavadana Rao's gazetter records:- "from the inscriptions at the place, it appears to been an Agrahara established in 1418 by Sambanna Wodeyar of Agra in the reign of Harihararaya of Vijayanagar and later named after him. The religious establishment at Sringeri was intimately connected with the foundation Vijayanagar empire, and Harihara, one of the brothers from whom the Royal line had descended, gave his name to the Agrahara of Hariharapura.