Narasimha is known to be Vara Prasadi

Lord Narasimha is known to be Vara Prasadi. In other words even contemplating on him even for a single moment is sufficient to being instant relief from sufferings and untold prosperity. Before his marriage to Padmavati Thayar Lord Srinivasar was required to perform Tadiaradhanai and feed 108 Brahmins. Lord Srinivasar made a pilgrimage to Ahobilam, performed Tiruvaradanam for Lord Narasimhar and obtained his blessings. Upon receiving Lord Narasimha's blessings Lord Srinivasa fed the 108 Brahmins and returned to marry Padmavati Thayar. There is a Sannidhi in Ahobilam symbolizing this aspect of Lord Narasimhar.

Finally, an important aspect of the NarasimhAvataram is that the Lord grants Sharanagati entirely by himself. Nobody can control the Lord in the matter of granting Sharanagati. All attempts to abate the fury of Lord Narasimha (upon killing Hiranyakashipu) were futile.

The Lord was furious on account of Bhagavata Apacharam to his devotee
Prahlada) by Hiranyakashipu. This fury threatened to destroy the three worlds. The pleas of all the Devas and Sri were of no avail. It was only Prahlada's prayers that made Lord Narasimha come back to his Shanta Swaroopam.

Aho Viryam Aho Shouryam Aho Bahu Parakramaha
Narasimham Param Daivam Ahobilam Ahobalam