Yoga Narasimha Tharamani,

Work on at temple complex

Sri Nigamantha Desikar at the temple maintained by the Desika Dharsana Sabha, at Taramani.

SRI VEDANTA Desikar was one of the greatest preceptors of the post-Ramanuja period, who spread the message of Ramanuja, known as Ethiraja (king among ascetics), in every nook and corner of not only the Tamil country, but Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and other places, in his own inimitable way. He was known for his poetic skill and logical dexterity.

His numerous works in Tamil and Sanskrit give ample proof of the same. Apart from the original works he also wrote commentaries on the Isavsyopanishad, Stotra Ratna and Chatusloki of Alavandar and Gadyatraya of Ramanuja. Many organisations have been set up to spread Desika Darsanan and they have been doing yeoman service.

One among them is the Desika Dharsana Sabha in Taramani, a suburb of Chennai.

Started in 1965, the Sabha, with the help of donations from the public, constructed shrines for Swami Desikar and Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva. They were consecrated on September 5, 1976.

Later a shrine for Dhanvantari, the celestial physician and the preacher of Ayurveda, was constructed and the Samprokshanam was performed on December 7, 1979. The shrines were visited by Mukkur Azhagiyasingar, the present Jeeyar Swami of the Ahobila Math, Srimad Andavan Swami, and Sri Parakala Madam Jeeyar Swami, who offered Mangalasasanams to the Lord and Sri Vedanta Desikar. Many scholars like Villivalam Narasimhachariar, Madurantakam Veeraraghavachariar and Thiruputkuzhi Nrisimha Thathachariar have given their benedictory messages and discourses. The Sabha has been conducting the Sravanam festival for Sri Desikar every month, and also other festivals.

Now the entire temple complex is in bad condition. So it has been decided to repair it and also construct a mandapam, vimanam and kitchen and also dig a well in the temple premises. Besides it is proposed to construct shrines for Yoga Narasimha and Vijayavalli samedha Sudarsana.

All these works are estimated to cost Rs. 20 lakhs. Contributions may be sent to the secretary, Sri Desika Dharsana Sabha, 1, Pandian Street, Tharamani, TTTI Post, Chennai-6000113 (phone no. 2430826 or 2432833.