Sri Venkatramana Temple Moolki Karnataka

Shri Ugra Narasimha Swami idol was installed in 1569 A.D. by Sri Vijayeendra Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kashi Mutt. The utsava Murthi, Sri Bindhu Madhava's idol was found by Sri Madhavendra Thirtha of Sri Kashi Mutt.

In the north direction of Mangalore on the N.H 17 highway road at a distance of 28 Km, on the riverbank of Shambavi is situated a famous temple of Shri Venkatramana. The temple belongs to 1277 A.D. In the temple the images of Venkatramana, Bindu Madhava, Vittala and Ugra Narasimha are worshiped. The history of the place indicates that Shri Vijayendra Yathi of Kashimutt installed the image of Ugra Narasimha belonging to Vijayanagar here in 1565. Mulki was earlier known as Mulikapur. In course of time Mulikapur changed to Mulki. Samantha kings who had donated "Inams" to this temple ruled this place. Now one can see the palace and the old ruins of the fort of Samantha Kings. The Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari Temple and twin temple of Somanath and Narayana are the other shrines of the Mulki. A buffalo race called "Arasu Kambala" also annually held here.