Nala Bazaar, Secunderabad

History of the Temple

Narsimhaavataram stand out in a singular manner for God's action of protecting the good (Prahalada) and annihilating the evil (Hiranyakasipu). Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy eugolised by the azhwars and Acharyas has shrines all over the country. To our fortune the Lord has a temple in Nala Bazaar, Secunderabad for more than two centuries, blessing the people all over.

This has an antiquity and the temple's Deity has been partonised by prominent persons of the twin cities. Over the past two centuries this temple's presiding Deity Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is a giver of boons (Varaprasadhi). Apart from the utsavamurthis of Sri Prahaladavaradan and his Concerts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. There is separate Sri Sannithi for Andal, Azhwars, Ramanujar and Vedantha Desikar, this being the only temple having Sri Sannithi for Sri Vedantha Desikar in the twin Cities. As per the original plan envisaged several decades ago the liking Kingsway (R.P.Road) to Musheerabad by negotiating through ths Temple was abandoned owing to several protests demonstrated by the devotees from all walks of life saving the temple from demolition and instead the road was linked through Tank Bund. The temple has a glorious record of regular daily and monthly poojas and annual uthsavams being celebrated on a grand scale with large public participation. In the past various Jeers, Peethadhipathis and Acharyas have done Mangalasasanam to the temple Deity. Now the temple is in a diplated state due to various factors.

It may be of Interest to note that, the then Nizam of Hyderabad worshipped the Lord of this temple. Even today some muslim devotees offer coconuts, betel leaves and nuts, flowers, incense sticks and fruits to the presiding deity. Procession of the Deity during the Brahmothsavam used to go through R.P. Road, Mahaboob College, Market Street and Subash Road bestowing his blessings to all residents and shopkeepers of the area as well as the people of twin cities. The daily, weekly, monthly and annual festivals of the Presiding Deity and Thirunakshathram of Azhwars, Ramanujar, Swamy Desikan and Acharyas used to be celebrated in grand manner with Large and generous contribution from the public of all walks fo life.